Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)

Star rating: 10/10

Cast: Alan Tudyk as Tucker, Tyler Labine as Dale and Katrina Bowden as Allison

Director: Eli Craig

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Age Rating: R (US) 15 (UK)



Harmless hicks, Tucker and Dale, are excited to renovate their newly purchased cabin in the woods when a series of unfortunate events lead some college kids to believe they might be psycho killers out to get them! How can Tucker and Dale convince these kids that they’re innocent before things go too far?



Making a successful comedy horror is a very difficult thing to achieve. It can so easily become cheesy, cringey, obvious or repetitive. ‘Tucker and Dale vs Evil’ has its comedy on point. This film puts a hilarious spin on classic slasher horrors by flipping the convention whereby the typical bad guys are actually the good guys! It does exactly what it sets out to do. It’s brilliantly funny and it doesn’t fail to recognise its inspiration: see if you can spot the many homages littered throughout the film to many classics such as The Evil Dead and Friday the 13th.


However, an excellent script and solid direction is not enough to create comedy gold. A lot of this film’s success can be credited to the actors. Tudyk and Labine’s onscreen chemistry is hilarious! They manage to perfectly capture the best friend relationship and appear so comfortable with each other, especially in some very ‘intimate’ scenes… As well as Tucker and Dale’s relationship, Dale and Allison’s relationship is very endearing. Labine portrays Dale’s vulnerability and naivety so perfectly we can hardly blame Allison for falling for this gentle giant.


As for the horror/slasher side of the film, I was very satisfied. There are some very creative and hilariously gruesome deaths in this film. There’s no shortage of blood and gore but, don’t worry, this is done in a comedic way and is by no means disturbing or unsettling. Possibly the most genius part of this film is that they make it very believable. Every event that happens in this film comes about through very plausible circumstances. The events do not seem forced or unlikely, they seem like very unfortunate accidents. It is the believability which makes it funny.



‘Tucker and Dale vs Evil’ is one of the best horror comedies I’ve ever seen. It has everything you could hope for and more: guaranteed laughs, lovable characters, blossoming romance and many gruesome deaths! I would definitely recommend you watch this whether you’re a fan or horror/slasher movies or not. It doesn’t disappoint. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a sequel soon!


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